Medical face masks for your protection!

Keep your health and safety first!
We offer 3-layer medical masks type IIR made in Slovenia, EUROPE!


Keep your health and safety first!

It is important to value our health and to pay enough attention to it. While the viruses are spreading, it is all the more important to adequately and qualitatively protect ourselves from possible infection. In addition to regularly washing and disinfecting your hands and avoiding closer contact with the patients, the use of protective masks that inhibit the spread of infection is also recommended. Wearing a mask reduces the possibility of transmitting the virus to others.

We offer quality 3-layer disposable medical masks type IIR, which are made on the domestic market, in our premises in Ljubljana.

About mask

Why medical mask, type IIR?

3-layer disposable medical face mask, type IIR is designed to protect against the intrusion of microorganisms, dust and polluted air.

Medical face mask, type IIR, is medical apliance and will protect you and your interlocutors from the droplet transmission of viruses spread by sneezing, coughing and speech. The mask will prevent you from inhaling potentially infected droplets (aerosol) or will prevent you spreading the virus further in the event of an infection. For an already infected person, the mask prevents the infection from spreading into the surroundings.

Mask is entirely made in Slovenia.

3 - layer

This disposable surgical face mask is made of soft and comfortable material, non-woven fiberglass cloth and antibacterial filter paper. It is three-layered, with a built-in aluminium clip for the nosepiece and soft round elastic for the ears. 


The outer layer is liquid-resistant. Inside is a white, hypoallergenic layer of cellulose. The mask does not contain chemicals, inks or dyes.  

For one-time use

A medical face mask is for single-use only and must be discarded after use. We change it every 2-3 hours at least or when it gets wet. The use of the mask is only effective if it is properly installed and worn all the time when we are exposed to possible infection.


The mask is extremely soft and will not stain or tear easily. The built-in nose clip allows you to adjust the mask to your face.

Medical quality

The mask is manufactured in accordance with standard EN 14683: 2019+AC:2019

The mask is simple medical apliance and it is also intended for use by medical personnel in medical institutions or for medical purposes. The microbial filtration layer is made of sensitive organic fibres. The bacterial filtration efficiency is > 98%. The mask offers drip protection for 2 to 3 hours of wearing or until the mask becomes moist.


Blue and pink masks are packed by:

50 pcs in a cardboard box,
blue or pink

20 pcs in a cardboard box,
blue or pink

5 pcs in paper bag,
blue or pink

Tehnical specifications


Mask typeMedical face mask, type IIR
Number of layers3-layered
EfficiencyBacterial filtration efficiency is ≥ 98%
UsefulnessFor one-time use
Outer layerOuter layer: non-woven fiberglass fabric
Middle layerantibacterial filter paper
Inner layerwhite, hypoallergenic inner layer of cellulose
ElasticEar loops without elastic latex
Mask size17,5 cm x 9,5 cm
Colourpink / light blue
CE certificateCE certificate
Meets the standardEN14683:2019+AC:2019
Country of productionMade in Slovenia, EUROPE

About us

When quality comes first

We are an established disability enterprise with a long tradition and plenty of knowledge in the field of graphics and printing. Using modern technologies and know-how, we provide quality products and services. Focused on the future and on the needs of the market, we also have our own production of disposable 3-layer medical masks.

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